Video: Adebayor Shades Funny Face After Unfollowing Him On IG

A Jk9kqturbxy80zdhjngrindu4nzjhnzi5mgu1nduwyta1njy0nza4yy5qcgvnkzmfzqmuzqg8gaewaqYesterday, Togolese footballing icon Emmanuel Adebayor shocked all of us by unfollowing his bosom friend Funny Face.

The two have been friends for years now with Funny Face even naming his twins after him.

People are assuming that Adebayor who has been extremely kind to the actor and comedian has cut ties with him because of his recent display of tomfoolery.

Adebayor even advised him to stop with that nonsense and stop being dramatic which he said he would but continued to be what he is which has now prompted Adebayor to leave him be.

It has been a few hours and Adebayor is already throwing shades or so it seems.

In a video posted by him, it captions says he wants real love and a real relationship not anything based on material things, precisely on cars.


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