VIDEO: Ashanti Men Have Tiny, And Are Bad In Bed, Ewes Have Sweet, Northerners Have Huge – Afia Schwar

VIDEO: Asante Men Have Tiny,And Are Bad In Bed,Ewes Have Sweet,Northerners Have Huge – Afia Schwar

Afia Schwarzenegger has diminished the sexual prowess of Asante men while he praises that of Ewes and men from the North.

The controversial media personality says Asante men has tiny Pɛn.

Afia Schwarzenegger says Asante men has very tiny pɛn and rarely satisfy women in bed.

In a sharp contrast, men from Northern Ghana have huge PEN and that’s a known fact but Ewe men have sweet PEN.

She says the PEN of Ewes is too sweet but Asante men are really poor in bed.

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