VIDEO: Funny Face Sadly Reveals How He Was Slapped With A Handcuff And Stepped On By The Police After He Was Arrested

Ghanaian comedian, Funny Face has taken to his Instagram page to narrate how he was manhandled by the police after he was arrested.

Recall that Funny Face was arrested after he unlawfully fired some warning shots when he had a scuffle with some people in his Kasoa neighborhood.

According to him in an earlier video which has been deleted, there are two groups in Kasoa; Walantu Boys and High Tension Boys who give tough time in the vicinity yet he loves them very much. Funny Face disclosed that he went to chase a girl at Walantu side and they slapped him mercilessly. As a way of fighting back he fired some warning shots which got him arrested and he spent the night in jail.

Narrating his ordeal, Funny Face disclosed that he was beaten with a handcuff, hit in the stomach, and slapped in the face for doing nothing wrong.

Funny Face called on Authorities to stop POLICE Brutality because is not a good thing.


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