VIDEO: I slept with Demons and Snakes; Nigerian Woman reveals

Venni Katoti broke the internet after revealing very disturbing accounts of how she slept with snakes and demons while she was ministering the word of God.

Speaking to Tuko, Venni explains that she partly blames her upbringing since she grew up seeing her mother going to witch doctors often.

“My childhood was not that good since I grew up seeing my mother visiting witch doctors day in, day out. Witch doctors also visited our house regularly” said Venni Katoti.

Venni reveals that her woes began when she joined campus and got pregnant for a certain man who wanted to take her in as his wife.

“I got pregnant for a certain man who wanted to take me in as a wife and that’s where all my problem began,” said Venni.

She explains that while she was pregnant, one night she had a bad dream and when she woke up in the middle of the night, she had this feeling that she had sex with someone.

“When I woke up at 3 am, I had this weird feeling that I had slept with someone though I didn’t know who it was it was a frightening experience,” said Venni.

Venni reveals that despite her prayers, the demons would not leave her alone and It used to torment her every single night.

“I began to pray every single day, but that was not enough since the demon repeated the act every single night,” reveals Venni.

Venni reveals that the demon started coming in different ways as it would imitate a snake or a mad person and it would have sex with her in whichever form.

“The attacks became more severe since the demons would come in different forms such as snakes or a mad person,” said Venni.



Bohyɛba Yaw

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