Video: ”I’m desperate for a husband” – Feminist breaks down in tears after years of being single


A feminist has taken to social media to make a cry for help over her spinsterhood and denounce her membership of feminism.


She lamented over how everyone around her is getting married and happy in their union while she has remained single.

In a video she posted online, the lady broke down in tears as she said wants to have a man in her life for a serious relationship.

She spoke about how toxic feminism clouded her judgement and made her reject men, of until now that it seems tough on her due to the pressure of married people around her.

“I’m so sad right now, I just came to a realization this past few days has been so hard for me. you know how men say women have toxic feminism and that you will get to a certain age and nobody will love you. I feel like I’ve gotten to that stage and I missed out on marriage and on children…,” she said in part.

Watch the video: