Video of Nigerian Pilot who died in yesterday’s helicopter crash playing hours before his death pops up

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Yesterday, A Nigerian pilot and two others died in a helicopter crash.  A video of the pilot playing hours before his death has surfaced.

Captain Chika and another out of three died in a helicopter crash that occurred yesterday. The helicopter with the 3 occupants crashed into a building around Salvation, Opebi, Ikeja in Nigeria.

Just minutes ago, a video of the captain aboard playing with his colleagues got released.

The video had him entertaining his friends while they watched and laugh their hearts out.

Bringing back his memories, some Nigerians reacted to the video as captured below:

  • “Nigerians are not posting him because he’s not famous. They prefer to post Black panther who no be their brother. R.iP Captain 🌹
  • That’s why I don’t like rough play.. b4 village people will just come and confirm it
  • Only God knows and understands💔 He has the whole world in his hands🕊
  • Who’s thinking what I’m thinking as a typical Nigerian and religious man?
  • They already bury him here sha
  • See life,God pls save us from any untimely death Amen🙏
  • What you affirm is what will manifest, the subconscious mind doesn’t know real of fake, so always keep your energy at the direction you want you life to go. RIP 😭😭

Watch the video below:

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