Video of Pastor Sylvester Ofori making threats that he’ll kill his wife

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A new hot video has emerged that saw the moment US-based Ghanaian Pastor, Sylvester Ofori made threats that he’ll kill his wife, Barbara Tommey.

True to her threats, he shot his wife at her workplace at the Navy Federal Credit Union near the Mall at Millenia in Orlando on Tuesday 8th September 2020 morning.

Barbara was shot by Sylvester, near the business’ front doors on the 4600 block of Gardens Park Boulevard just before 9 a.m., an Orlando Police Department spokesperson said.

In this new video, Barbara went to their marital home with her elder brother and sister to pick up some documents and right in front of them, Sylvester still tried to attack Barbara.

This provoked Terry (Barbara’s brother) and he retaliated. It resulted in an argument and Terry was forced to call Sylvester a fake man of God.

Sylvester who felt hurt to be called fake threatened right there before leaving the scene saying: ”if I don’t kill your sister then I am fake”.

Barbara’s senior brother took to his phone to make a complaint with the police but he got stopped by Barbara who said she didn’t want the case to escalate.

Now, Sylvester has carried out his heartless art of wickedness and she’s the one dead.


In related reports, Sylvester is in Police custody awaiting his trials at the court of law.


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