Video of Policeman slapping a woman sparks outrage on social media

Video Of Policeman Slapping A Woman Sparks Outrage On Social Media 696x381A recent video revealing a Policeman adorned in an official Ghana Police Service uniform slapping a woman at one of the ongoing voter’s registration centers after a heated argument ensued between the two, has gone viral causing massive agitations on social media.

According to the said video sighted on Facebook by Mabel Aku Banaseh, the Policeman was seen engaged in a vicious exchange of words with a mature lady who was later the victim of the slap.

The stated lady was holding in a queue when the Policeman who was angered slapped on the left cheek of the woman which immediately displaced her nose mask from its initial perfectly placed position.

Regardless of whatever that triggered the heated argument, many have expressed their fury after watching the video which has gone viral, saying that the Policeman needed not to have lost his anger and rendered such shameful act on a senior citizen.

However, the Policeman could be heard warning the woman to be careful less she provokes his anger.

“If you want to show that you are a boss I will also show you that I am a boss…… you can’t just talk to me roughly,” the Policeman stated.

Observers immediately took steps to intervene the two from the situation getting any more rumpled.

The video which has already gone viral has since generated mixed reactions to it on social media with diverse opinions being shared with many directing waves of anger at the actions of the police officer who was sighted in the video.

Watch video below:


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