Violence in church as Pastor’s wife fights dirty with church member for allegedly sleeping with her husband (+VIDEO)

Being a pastor’s wife is not easy, you don’t just marry a pastor because you want to be addressed as a mummy, first lady, or spiritual mother.

Marrying a pastor is a calling with brutal responsibilities. All eyes are on you, people want you to fail, some want to take your place, even when you are right they will condemn you. You are always afraid of losing your husband to the church especially NOWADAYS that ladies are fighting to be pastor’s favourites.

Moreover, the church is supposed to be a place of peace where all problems, be it physical or spiritual are resolved.

However, things are taking into a different perspective when the church as a place of worship is mentioned nowadays.

A video of a serious fight that broke out between the pastor’s wife and another in a church has surfaced on the internet.

Commentary behind the video suggests the fight was between a pastor’s wife and a daughter of the Church’s deaconess who had allegedly being caught with the pastor in an uncompromised position.

Video below;

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