Wanluv Da Kubulor names his daughter after late Ebony Reigns

Wanlov Kubolor Named His Daughter After Late Ebony Reigns

It appears that renowned Ghanaian musician Wanluv Da Kubulor has named one of his daughters who is just two years old after the late Ebony Reigns.

According to Wanluv, he named his daughter Ebony because she was birth around the time Ebony Reigns died.

The musician who is known to be barefooted is also known to be given weird names to his children like Abonsamposuro, Manpi, Mali Wasty, Tivi, Radio, Alata Mori among others.

Ebony is fully growing as she was spotted walking with his father while they carry a box of kenkey.

Wanluv claimed he would have named her “Weide3” because fortunately for ‘this one’ he reached orgasm. since one of his daughters is called ‘Ama Manpi’ meaning he didn’t reach orgasm but conceived her.

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