Watch Burna Boy’s Reaction When Nigerian UFC Champion, Kamaru Stepped Into The Ring With His “Anybody” Song (Video)

Burna 3Nigerian UFC Champion, Kamaru Usman sent Afrobeat giant, Burna Boy into a frenzied zone when he made a triumphant entry into the ring with his “Anybody” song.

As a fan and friend to the athlete who is waving the flag of Nigeria high overseas, he gave him the necessary support from his home when Kamaru hosted his Miami based opponent at the ‘Fight Island’ in Dubai, UAE.

Burna Boy exclaimed loudly in front of his tv when Kamaru came out from the dressing room with the Nigerian flag while his “Anybody” song played in the background. He was seen dancing happily into the ring while Burna Boy kept shouting and hailing him.

Kamaru won the fight and still retains as the Welterweight Champion in the UFC with 17 games unbeaten.

Watch video below:


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