Watch Video: 26-year-old man busted for carrying white coffin at midnight

Man Carrying Coffin

A yet to be identified young man believed to be 26 years old has been busted by residents of Abuakwa-Manhyia in the Ashanti Region for carrying a white coffin in the middle of the night.

When caught, he failed to give any tangible reason for carrying the coffin at such an ungodly hour. It’s believed that he was using the coffin for some spiritual purpose.

Eye witness, Kojo Tawiah who was not asleep during the hours of 1:00am saw a young man carrying a white coloured coffin on top of a Toyota Corolla to the Tee Junction of the town.

He tried offloading the coffin there and in an attempt to leave the coffin there in the middle of the night, Kojo Tawiah approached him and demanded the purpose of bringing such an artifact at that hour of the night.

The young man tried to make up excuses of the coffin belonging to a priest of Abuakwa-Manhyia but his claims were proven to be lies when the priest was called to the scene at that hour.

This infuriated young men of the town to throw punches at the man for trying to use the town residents for his dubious agenda.

This is not the first time something of this sort has happened in Abuakwa-Manhyia said Kojo Tawiah.

Young boys and girls having been dying mysteriously due to these kinds of things.

We use to wake up to coffins sitting in the middle of our roads and in two or three days, young boys and girls will die for no reasons so this has lead some of us watching our town when it’s dawn in order to stop these things.

Old men and women intervened and the young man was spared of his life.

He was taken to the Abuakwa-Manhyia police station where police has taken control.

The coffin has been tied back to the car the man brought. Nine brand-new padlocks with keys were seen in the coffin.

Watch the video below:

Source: Citizen Kwadwo

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