Watch Video: Police officer caught ch0pping a lady in Police vehicle

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1632300878411screenshot 20210922 070559

A Wisconsin police officer has been captured in a video ch0pping the hell out of a young lady while parked in an unmarked squad vehicle.

The moment the two were enjoying themselves during sex was caught on camera by resident Marcel Scott, who was out running errands at the time.

Speaking to, WKOW Scott mentioned that the car was parked in the lot of a home improvement store and his instinct struck him to check what was going on in the vehicle.

“I saw a, like a detective truck, and [when I] looked, I saw some white legs go up and I thought I was hallucinating at the time,” Scott said.

Scott continued: “I looked a little harder in the vehicle, I saw two individuals, a man and a woman, one as a police officer, and they were engaging in sexual activity.”

The officer has been placed on administrative leave, per the police department. The department said they’re conducting an investigation and are taking the matter “very seriously.”

Watch video below