Watch Video: Shatta Wale opens fire on Burna Boy for spreading false rumours about him

At a  point in time, we used to call Burna Boy the ‘Shatta Wale of Nigerian music industry’ because of the similitude in their brand identity.

Their approach to tackling problems in the most honest way is one thing that people like about them.

So when Burna Boy started coming to Ghana, it was no surprise that the person he’s able to link-up with was Shatta Wale.

They even recorded a massive hit song in 2017 called ‘Hossana’ and Burna Boy has disclosed his love for Shatta Wale on several occasions.

When Shatta Wale also went over to Eko Hotel in Nigeria in 2018 to perform, Burna Boy showed up to show him love.

However, for the past few years, say from 2019 till now, we realised that their bromance died off.

When Burna comes to Ghana now, he rolls with different people and we don’t see him going out with Shatta Wale as they used to.

Well, the African Dancehall King has come out to blow some hot air in the direction of the two-time Grammy nominee and it appears all is not well between them.

In an Instagram live video, Shatta said Burna Boy was going around spreading false rumours about him.

Shatta couldn’t mention one single thing that Burna Boy said about him that’s getting him angry though.

Watch the video below:

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