Watch Video: Unlucky day for African thief in Canada after his car got stuck in the snow making Police to arrest him during operation

It was a bad day for a thief in Canada who tried to rob from a house.

Unknown to him, the owners of the house in which he was coming to steal from were available.

So when he tried breaking through the front door, he was met with a video recording from the man in the house.

In an attempt to flee, the thief hurriedly moved his car only to get stuck in the snow.

He did all he could to move the car all to no avail.

The police were called upon and due to his inability to move the car on time, he was apprehended.

The suspect who appears to be in his mid 30s tried begging for mercy but a woman’s voice which could be heard in the background said: “no mercy”

Sharing the video on Facebook, Horace Dockery wrote:

“This is truly the Canadian experience, where a thief is offered a shovel and advice as to why his getaway car is going nowhere by the very person he tried to

It felt like in the thief’s desperation and multiple attempts to shovel the snow with his hands, the home owner felt some pity.

However, his wife certainly reminded him no mercy will be shown to the offender. Lol Welcome to 2021!

Lessons from this event.
1.Before taking action, always analyze your environment.
2. If you’re going to hurt someone or do something illegal, don’t.”

Watch Video Below

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