We busted Hushpuppi by how he shows off his riches on social media – FBI

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The federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) has released an official video on how they busted alleged Nigerian fraudster, Hushpuppi.

According to the FBI, they monitored the expensive lifestyle of Hushpuppi from afar off for months.

How he lived lavishly, buying expensive cars, clothes and flaunting them on social media. His lifestyle made him become a person of interest for the FBI.

So after many months of vigorous investigations, they realized his source of money was questionable.

The FBI narrated that they started tracking the financial activities of Ramoni Igbalode as he’s known in real life. They tracked him by his Instagram email and phone number.

The United Arab Emirates also collaborated with the FBI through which they monitored Hushpuppi and his gangs and nailed them to the wall.

The FBI said at the time of their arrest, they seized 13 luxurious cars valued at $6.8Million and that even $41 Million cash was retrieved from their hotel room — where they were lodging.

Watch the video below:

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