We’ve trained 4,300 Western Togoland ‘Dragons’ ready to declare independence – Commander

Western Togoland Soldiers

A new video has emerged from the camp of the Western Togoland Separatist.

In this video, they showed off their trained military men, holding guns with their faces covered.

Their commander whose voice was heard from the background said they have trained over 4000 soldiers who would soon be deployed to fight for the independence of the Volta Region.

He noted that they’re been trained in a nearby country, and they’ll soon hit the streets to demand for independence.

They said they’re not violent people but are just fighting for Independence from Ghana under whom they’ve been slaves for so many years.

“These are the dragons of Western Togoland Military Army. About 4,300 Dragons are been trained in a nearby country. They are ready to enter into their motherland Western Togoland. They are not rebels or militants. They are fully trained Military men. So nobody should be afraid of them. They are coming top deliver their motherland Western Togoland.”, the Commander said.

Continuing in Ewe language, he said: “they are coming to deliver their country from slavery. They have worshipped Gold Coast Ghana for so many years. They are responsible soldiers. They are only angry that their members are been arrested by the Ghana police for no cause.”

The commander continued to appeal to local Chiefs to support the movement instead of standing against them.

They warned the Volta Regional Minister Dr. Archibald Letsa, MP for North Tongu Samuel Okudzeto Ablakwa, among other renowned people to watch out for them.

Watch the video below:

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