Why Beyonce Posted And Promoting “Already Video” Only From The Lion King Album

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There have been lots of questions raising about why Beyonce and her husband Jay Z are only promoting and posting “Already Video” featuring Shatta Wale.

Well, after Watching Beyoncé’s “BLACK IS KING” Film, You’d realized that, Jay Z and Shatta Wale are the only two artists who Shot the Music Videos Face to Face with Beyoncé.

The rest of the Videos were Shot with no Beyoncé Appearance, Including “Brown Skin Girl” This Makes Shatta Wale the Only African Artist to Appear in a Video with QUEEN BEY!

(Now I understand Why People are Doing all they can To stain this Glories moment for Shatta Wale) Because this History won’t Never happen Again!!!

Beyoncé and her team realized that “ALREADY” is getting a lot of Buzz around the Globe, So she specially Pained a deal with Disney to shoot the “ALREADY” Video with Shatta Wale.

So the “ALREADY” video is also another special Project between Beyoncé and Disney!

Ask yourself, why Did she posted only the “ALREADY” Video ??

Why is the only “ALREADY” video getting all the attention off from the Visual album??

I know you’re pained because this is not on your Favorite Artist, But sorry, your Feelings and wishes is not needed here, Shatta wale’s name is all over the World because you and I know that.

This is the biggest achievement Ghana industry has ever Had and the Bitter truth is, We all know this won’t happen again in Ghana.

Cry all your tears Out, This Record, This history, This International Collab, This Beyoncé-Shatta Wale History, Has Happened #ALREADY! Applaud Or Shut Up and BLEED TO DEATH!

Source: From a die hard fan of Shatta Wale.

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