Why Davido threatened and fired shots at Burna Boy on his new song, ‘FEM’

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What did Burna Boy say to Davido. What brought the ongoing beef between the two Nigerian musicians? Find out below.

Here is Why Davido threatened and fired shots at Burna Boy on his new song, ‘FEM’.

On September 10, 2020, Nigerian superstar, Davido returned to social media after a three-month absence which began on June 3, 2020. He posted a cryptic message that intimated that he has changed his number and wanted to focus on himself.

The period coincided with final touches to his third studio album, A Better Time – a follow-up to his sophomore album, A Good Time. Davido’s return also coincides with the release of his first single of 2020, ‘FEM.’

In Yoruba, ‘FEM’ is an onomatopoeia for ‘Shut up.’ A few weeks ago, Davido shot a video for the song and footage from the shoot emerged on social media. At the time, people thought the song was going to be titled, ‘Para.’ ‘FEM’ also marks the return of Davido to social media after he initially left on June 3, 2020.

From the look of things, ‘FEM’ is a direct reply/diss/threat to Burna Boy. In the first lines of the song, Davido sang, “E be like you don dey talk too much, small talk you don dey talk talk, fem. O boy, you don dey do too much, small talk you don dey look who talk, fem…”

Then the shots and threats began, “Person wey dey find pity, nor dey do me itty bitty. You wan know 30 BG, you go know 30 GB when you see 30 BG…” What really gave Davido away was, “Then Odogwu say we ‘Like To Party’ just call me…:”

Burna Boy’s first single from his album, L.I.F.E was the smash hit, ‘Like To Party.’ Burna Boy’s first single of 2020 is also titled, ‘Odogwu.’ On his album, Twice As Tall, Burna Boy also appeared to reference Davido on two songs, ‘Way Too Big’ and ‘Nor Fit Vex.’

On ‘Real Life’ featuring Stormzy, Burna Boy also fired shots at Davido. He sang, “F*ck a good time…”

While ‘Way Too Big’ was an outright vaunting of self, ‘Nor Fit Vex’ was more temporal. In the song, it appeared that Burna Boy was simply stating that he doesn’t care about a pointless fight. However he metaphorically hinted that he wanted distance, “Dey Abuja, make I dey Lagos o…”

How did we get here?

On March 31, 2020, Burna Boy had a Q&A with his fans and announced that his new album, Twice As Tall, would be released in July 2020 with no date. On May 4, 2020, Nigerian singer, Davido announced that his new album, A Better Time would also be released in July.

He also said that Tiwa Savage, Nicki Minaj and others will be featured on the album. Then on May 22, 2020, Davido took to his Instagram stories to post that his album, ‘A Better Time’ would again drop in July.

On Burna Boy’s Instagram stories came the following message, “July will be very funny and I shall laugh accordingly.”

A little while later, Davido posted a photo of himself and Wizkid as edited by AyoAfrica on his Twitter and wrote, “The two greatest of all time, no [cap].” He then gave AyoAfrica a sum of one million naira.

On his Instagram stories Burna Boy wrote, “You cannot play football, everybody knows you cannot play football and you are an embarrassment to the team, but your daddy bought the football team…”

While the subs slowed down between the pair a little while later, people questioned what caused such bad blood between two superstars. It was especially confusing because Davido celebrated Burna Boy’s Grammy nomination on social media just a few months earlier.

Equally, at Burna Boy’s show in December 2018, Davido and DMW stormed the show and shut it down.

When Burna Boy finally came back to social media after he lost the Grammy Award for the Best World Album to Angelique Kidjo, he took aim at some of his colleagues. He intimated that some of them were happy that he lost the Grammy Award.

After that infamous May 22, 2020 moment where Davido and Burna Boy appeared to trade sporadic subs, Aloma – a strong member of Davido’s DMW/30BG camp and boss of Aloma Music Worldwide took to social media to threaten Burna Boy.

If there were any doubts as to the accuracy of an ‘exchange’ of subs between the superstars, they appeared to be cleared up by Aloma’s actions.

The things Aloma said appeared to be backed up by Davido’s lyrics on, ‘FEM.’ Davido found a bridge between a man who sounded like the victim when he sang, “Why dem come dey para for me?” and appearing to issue out threats, “Na why 30 BG, dem go para for you o…”

He also sang, “Before the matter gets serious, before the whole matter gets dangerous, you need to make sure you don’t say too much coz if you say too much, I fit run up on you… I get men, I nor dey gather boys.

“I just dey live my life, man dem turn am to shoot on sight. Why? E be say na me dey give them life… Make una tell am to call me…”

What’s the root of all these?

When the May 22, 2020 issue began, Pulse Nigeria did some digging into the issues that could have pushed both superstars into the depths of a beef after significantly showing each other love in previous years.

Two sources close to both camps who refused to be named gave similar accounts. They intimated that issues between Davido and Burna Boy began after Burna Boy didn’t award Peruzzi a songwriting credit for his 2019 single, ‘Pull Up.’ That credit would have meant Peruzzi got Grammy-nominee right for African Giant.

As anybody knows, Peruzzi has been a family member of the DMW camp for about three years now. After the songwriting debacle between Aristokrat Records act, Ceeza Milli and Burna Boy, the Grammy nominated ‘African Giant’ confirmed that he had never had help on any song except one song – co-written by Peruzzi.

That moment corroborated points that Peruzzi was a co-writer of, ‘Pull Up.’ Equally, another problem that arose came off Coming To America 2 after Davido got a place on the album soundtrack over Burna Boy. Word on the street is that Burna Boy feels slighted about actions around Davido getting the gig.

Nonetheless, Davido was seen rocking to Burna Boy’s ‘23’ recently and you can watch that below;

It’s also quite interesting that both of these Nigerian artists had their respective 2019 albums get streamed over one billion times.

As Pulse Nigeria reported some days ago, Davido’s new album, A Better Time will drop after Peruzzi drops his new song, Gaza in a few weeks.

Final Thoughts

In a conversation with Ja Rule on Vlad TV, the legendary rapper said, “The worst thing that could happen to an artist is if your diss record is in the clubs…”

He was speaking about the greatest diss tracks in history and listed Drake’s Meek Mill diss track, ‘Back To Back’ as one of the top five diss records of all time.

Is Davido about to do a ‘Back To Back’? We shall have to wait and see… xoxo.

Source: Pulse.ng

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