Wife Catches Her Husband Hav!ng $3x With Their Daughter (V!deo)


A man by the name Emmanuel Udoh has been arrested for defiling his own daughter. he was initially caught by vanguard in the area and nearly mobed but for a bypasser who called the police.

Speaking on the matter, Emmanuel Udoh revealed that wasn’t the first time he had engage sexually with his daughter but it happens that the daughter is always drugged.

“I have had sexual intercourse with her several times. i saw it as a normal thing because I know she will not get pregnant” Udoh confessed

Vanguard reports that Udoh’s ex-wife took custody of their two children after they separated seven years ago when the victim was ten years old.

The victim who lived with her mother reunited with her father when her mother brought her back after she completed her secondary education in the month of September to enable her further her education.

on September 13, Udoh asked his daughter to go and have her bath. The victim who initially refused went to take her bath after her father insisted.

“Immediately I started having my bath in the bathroom I became very dizzy as I became very weak. While I was inside the bathroom I called out for help but neighbors could not hear me because I was weak.” said the victim (name withheld).

“It was my father that helped me out of the bathroom and took me inside. When I got inside, he gave me gari to drink and before I knew what was happening, he removed my wrapper and had sekzz with me. I don’t know if he drugged the water as I became very weak.”

This incident occurred 2 Ajasa Command Road, Meiran, Lagos state.


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