“Will Government allow his children to eat this food?” – Final year student laments about free lunch

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A final year JHS student at Nyankpala D/A JHS has expressed her disappointment at the free meal provided by the Government of Ghana.

In an interview with STV, the yet to be identified student quizzed the Government that will they allow their kids to consume such low-quality meals in their homes?

She went on to lament on the small quantity of the food stressing that if she should eat 10 of the meal tied in transparent rubber, she won’t get satisfied.

“Please sorry to ask this question, Government, will he allow his children to eat this food? I am not happy about this food, seriously”, she aid.

When asked about if she’s okay with the quantity of the meal, she said:

“Yes it is small, it can’t satisfy me”

Watch the video below:

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