Woman arrested for setting fire to cheating boyfriend’s car

  • Woman seen in viral video setting fire to her cheating boyfriend’s car’ outside a motel has been arrested.

A woman who caught her boyfriend cheating and nearly killed herself when setting fire to his car outside a motel, has been arrested.Set Fire To Car 1024x565

In the video, the woman dressed in grey pants and a black hoodie appears to be pouring gas or lighter fluid into the car. When she light the car on fire, it explodes, throwing her to the ground before she immediately stood up and ran away as the vehicle continue to burn.

According to NBC affiliate WMTV, the woman behind the crime has been identified as 34-year-old Kelly S. Hayes of Madison, Wisconsin.

Madison Police Department said a witness reported a woman armed with a baseball bat broke out the vehicle’s windows before dousing it with gas and setting it on fire. The car was parked along the 2000 block of Greenway Cross around 5 p.m. Tuesday.

The woman has been arrested on suspected arson and criminal damage to property charges.

Watch the video below:

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