Yaa Pono Claim Bloggers Will Not Live Up To 50 Years, He’s Not God!

Br4l0zo0Ghanaian rapper and boss of Uptown Energy, Yaa Pono has spewed that no blogger in the country can live up to 50 years.

He took a swipe on Ghanaian bloggers for reasons known to him.

He claimed the internet workers are full of negative which he believes that non will live up to 50 years.

He posted this via his Instagram page

“LET YA MIND STAY POSITIVE,,,,,, 1997……..#Thebigthing LOL NA I DEY SEARCH AND THINK OF IT NO BLOGGER FIT CHOP 50 YRS. IN GH .. WOII…. Asem just saying,,,,,”

Check post below…..Img 2206 690x1031 1

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