You can copy our ideas not our performance – Bawumia to NDC


Vice President, Mahamadu Bawumia has accused the major opposition party, NDC of copying portions of NPP’s manifesto. He noted that even though they have copied it, one thing still holds and that’s that they can never perform better than the NPP have done.

Dr. Bawumia vehemently noted that comparing NDC’s 4 years in power to that of NPP’s rule so far, everything is clear that the latter has performed far-far better than the former.

“They’re making a lot promises. They’re copying a lot of things in our manifesto. I tell them: you can copy the ideas as much as you like. But you cannot copy the performance and the record that you have left; everybody can see it. You cannot copy the performance that we have. You cannot copy that performance. Your record speak for itself.

So copy the manifesto as much as you like but as I said, if someone promises you a hut, you look on their hut,” he said at Bulenga in the Wa West District on Tuesday.

Bawumia further called on the people of Bulenga to vote massively for the NPP in the forthcoming elections.

“I have heard the Bulenga Naa very loud and clear on the creation of a new district. We will take that onboard and the upgrade of the hospital…And that is why we need four more to do more for you. So please vote massively, Insha Allah, and make Nana Addo Dankwa Akufo-Addo the next President and bring Salifu Yakubu to Parliament,” he urged.

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