Young and gifted sports presenter granted a lifetime scholarship by Dr Kwaku Oteng

President and Founder of Angel Group, Dr Kwaku Oteng, was impressed by Dominic Fobih’s intellect and decided to offer him a full scholarship to pursue education to any level that he can.

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Dominic Fobih

Dr Oteng also wants Dominic moved to Accra as soon as possible. While at it, he will also be under-studying the Sports team at Angel Broadcasting Network.

The board of directors for Vine Christian High School, Accra, has awarded the wonder kid, Dominic Fobih, a full scholarship to continue his education.


The principal of the East Legon-based school, Joshua Tsatro Mordy, said that “we want to give him the best, we want to put him in a system that can make him develop his talent so that such brilliant ‘chaps’ won’t be lost.”

Speaking Thursday on Angel FM’s morning show, ‘Anɔpa Bɔfoɔ’, the principal told host Captain Smart that, “once we determine the class level he [Dominic Fobih] can fairly be in, based on our structure, the offer takes off from there.”


He revealed that the wonder kid, Dominic, falls under a category of ‘audio and visual learners’; and their school system [Vine Christian High] is modelled around the knowledge-led content which can accommodate him.

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Dr Kwaku Oteng

He stated that there are children like Dominic whose style and talent have been killed due to the system they find themselves in.

“Our [Ghanaian] school system is designed in such a way that attention is not being paid to the gifts of children,” he reiterated.

Biography of Little Dominic Fobih

Little Fobih who hails from Kwamoabeng in the Central Region, will be 10 years in December. He was named after former Health Minister under President John Kuffuor’s regime, Professor Dominic Forbih, who was MP of the constituency where Dominic was born.

He wants to be a Sports Journalist in future.

According to him, his love for sports started in 2014 (when he was six years), during the World Cup hosted by Brazil.

He walks several miles from Kwamoabeng to the next village just to watch DSTV matches. He Carries a book that contains tactics, names of stadia, coaches, footballers etc.

He revealed that he had to sleep at the DSTV Centre when the matches are played in the night because it will be too late to walk the thickness of the night back to Kwamoabeng.

Dominic Fobih’s home in KwamoabengHe is a brilliant student and best in his school, which is only up to Primary six. There is no JHS around.

Dominic is in class six and was contemplating how he was going to do the daily walk miles to Seseko for his JHS Education.

Credit: Saddick Adams (Sports Obama)

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