Youngest Person Ever Executed in US killed by Electric Chair

George Junius Stinney PicIn 1944, the U.S Executed its Youngest Ever Person. George Junius Stinney, was just 14 when he was killed by Electric Chair.

He was convicted of killing girls aged seven and 11 in South Carolina.

They had been beaten with a Railway spike and thrown in a ditch.

However, 70 years later, his conviction was overturned. It was deemed by legal experts he hadn’t been given a fair trial.

Police say he had confessed after being questioned without a lawyer or even his parents, a confession physiologists say now should never have been trusted.

The African American was then convicted by an all-white jury in just 10 minutes.

The small teen was placed on books in order for his head to reach the electric chair headpiece, and the Washington Post reported his mask was knocked off during the execution, revealing his crying face.

A film called 83 days – the amount of time between the killings and his electrocution – was made about the case.

His sister Amie Ruffner, told a local news station a few years ago her brother was a scapegoat. She said she had been with him at the time of the murders, but the family were terrified to speak out.

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