Your ex should not be your enemy – Roman Fada advises

Your ex should not be your enemy – Roman Fada advisesRadio Presenter and Artiste Manager, Roman Fada, has shared his opinion that exes are not supposed to be enemies.

This came up during a conversation with Adwen the Love Doctor on eTV Ghana’s In Bed with Adwen on the point ‘Should you be companions with your ex’.

Roman Fada, supporting the movement, stated, “You should realize that the individual you’re dating has an ex, and when you see that they’re chatting on the telephone or anyplace around, be developed and realize that there is nothing incorrectly for somebody to remain companions with their exes”.

As indicated by him, understanding this fairly makes a solid and decent connection among you and your new accomplice in a developed manner.

He proceeded to share per his examination, a few reasons why exes can never and ought to never be foes.

“Right off the bat, on the off chance that you have a youngster with the individual, by what method will he/she become your foe?

Additionally, both of you could be taking a shot at a task together. Three, you may be working in a similar organization. Four, you may have some common companions and there may be a ton of exercises you’re doing together yet for reasons unknown, you needed to separate”.

Roman Fada facilitated that thus and the sky is the limit from there, it isn’t prudent that accomplices go to foes after a separation.


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