Yvonne Nelson goes down on her knees to kiss Adjetey Anang’s legs (WATCH)

Lhpk9kpturbxy8wmzu3mjkwzjfkmti1y2njmdgyyja1njg0nmq4yta4ni5qcgerkwxnaxtnabybotabDespite having huge following and great influence in the showbiz industry, Yvonne Nelson proves that no matter the status we find ourselves in, we can still demonstrate humility towards the people around us.

This was the case when the filmmaker bumped into actor Adjetey Anang on his birthday which he celebrated while on set shooting a new film on Wednesday, July 8.

While on set, Yvonne interrupted his performance and went down on her knees to kiss Adjetey Anang’s feet.

Yvonne Nelson shared the uplifting video on her Instagram and gave it a sweet caption: “Had to kiss his leg…CELEBRATING a LEGEND..his face when he saw me coming.”

Watch the heart-melting moment below.


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